2015-10-06 spatsantStassa Normal Form- ie, bollox :P stassa_normal_form
2015-10-06 spatsantAdded guard against badly spelled production_compositio...
2015-10-06 spatsantFixed precision test for "strings"; did some housekeeping.
2015-10-06 spatsantUsed examples_corpus/1 where I could; still more places...
2015-10-06 stassaMoved examples_count/1 to utilities; lotsa WIP in evalu...
2015-10-06 stassaMoved examples_corpus/1 to utilities (because it's...
2015-10-06 stassagrammar_evaluation/0 now prints to configured stream.
2015-10-06 stassaWIP on grammar evaluation output formatting.
2015-10-06 stassaWIP on grammar evaluation output formatting.
2015-10-06 stassaWIP; working on grammar evaluation output formatting.
2015-10-05 spatsantWorking on grammar_evaluation/4 output.
2015-10-05 spatsantReduced more boilerplate around precision & recall...
2015-10-05 spatsantReduced boilerplate in grammar_evaluation/[0,1] (1...
2015-10-05 spatsantUnified grammar evaluation formatting options to one...
2015-10-04 stassaHousekeeping.
2015-10-04 stassaActually fixed issues with non-atomic rule names.
2015-10-04 stassaRickety lexicalisation; getting there; WIP but works.
2015-10-04 stassaYet more fiddling with ancestry stack; stable non-lex...
2015-10-04 stassaStill fiddling with the production ancestry stack for...
2015-10-04 stassaStabilised non-lexicalised output; rickety hacked lexic...
2015-10-04 stassaIntermediary WIP state; working on lexicalisation again.
2015-10-04 stassaWent back to non-lexicalised productions again.
2015-10-03 stassaWIP and rickety lexicalisation.
2015-10-03 stassaFixed bug with leaves and branches with common head.
2015-10-03 stassaFleshed out sanitising of nonterminal identifiers.
2015-10-03 spatsantExample file with various abilities.
2015-10-02 spatsantReduced some boilerplate. Just a bit.
2015-10-02 spatsantAdded predicate and options to rename built-in a-likes.
2015-10-02 spatsantHousekeeping.
2015-10-02 spatsantGot GNF working; and by that I mean: no danglers, no...
2015-10-02 spatsantWIP; going back to basics with Greibach Normal Form.
2015-10-01 spatsantWIP- trying to produce Greibach normal form only.
2015-09-30 spatsantRefactored print_grammar_file/5 to print out compressed...
2015-09-30 spatsantNice little kludge to output compressed corpora to...
2015-09-30 spatsantHousekeeping mostly; plus configs. WIP and half-borken.
2015-09-30 spatsantReplacec "chunks" option with "tags" (in grammar_printing).
2015-09-30 spatsantPrinting compressed corpus; well, ish.
2015-09-28 spatsantMore boilerplate reduction. Now with less boilerplate.
2015-09-28 spatsantAdded configuration option for (compressed) corpus...
2015-09-28 spatsantMore comments.
2015-09-28 spatsantSome comments on printing compression grammars.
2015-09-28 spatsantNow printing compression grammar. With, um, compression.
2015-09-28 spatsantReduced boilerplate. We won't go down without a fight!
2015-09-28 spatsantAdded printing for chunks grammar; towards printing...
2015-09-28 spatsantSimplified print_grammar/0 and print_grammar_file/4.
2015-09-28 spatsantStill working on printing a compression grammar.
2015-09-28 spatsantAdded option to print different types of grammar.
2015-09-28 spatsantAdded lexicalisation strategy to output file names.
2015-09-22 stassaAdded more detailed precision & recall metric.
2015-09-22 stassaRefactored bare-bones grammar evaluation; some housekee...
2015-09-22 stassaThink I fixed the bare-bones grammar evaluation reporting.
2015-09-22 stassaSmall natural language experiment.
2015-09-21 stassaActually commiting grammar evaluation module. Well...
2015-09-21 stassaAdded <module> comments to a couple of modules.
2015-09-21 stassaAdded bare-bones precision & recall grammar evaluation.
2015-09-20 stassaGrammar evaluation module (empty).
2015-09-20 stassaEnsured everything runs OK after reverting.
2015-09-20 stassaRevert "Working on lexicalisation; WIP and borken."
2015-09-19 stassaHousekeeping, mostly.
2015-09-19 stassaAdded set_spy_points/0 to duh.
2015-09-19 stassaAlso done right branches with node-head production...
2015-09-19 stassaStems and leaves with node-head production stack done...
2015-09-19 stassaYeah, like this one for example.
2015-09-19 stassaSaving WIP version that works with lexicalisation strat...
2015-09-18 spatsantWIP and borken; working on lexicalisation.
2015-09-18 spatsantAdded node-production stack argument to derived_product...
2015-09-18 spatsantWorking on lexicalisation; WIP and borken.
2015-09-18 spatsantSmall correction to configuration options; housekeeping.
2015-09-18 spatsantAdded lexicalisation_strategy/1 option; some housekeeping.
2015-09-18 spatsantHousekeeping: comments, soft-cuts, cleanups.
2015-09-18 spatsantSome experimenting with a compression grammar for v...
2015-09-12 stassaConfig changes; new corpus file; comments etc. disjunctions
2015-09-07 stassaStable version; still WIP; looking good, rather.
2015-09-07 stassaGoing on with simplified version: makes nice handsim...
2015-09-05 stassaChanged checks for atomic/nonatomic augmentation tokens.
2015-09-05 stassaSquished bug with beheaded_node_corpus/2 binding empty...
2015-09-04 stassaKeeping WIP version that works ish (only for small...
2015-09-03 stassaTweaks to deal with empty node-heads.
2015-09-03 stassaAnother WIP version.
2015-09-03 stassaSaving working but WIP version.
2015-09-03 stassaWorking on version 3.0; saving working v.1, v.2 for...
2015-08-31 stassaNot sure what I did here exactly.
2015-08-25 stassaAdded some comments and stuff.
2015-08-25 stassaSquished a bug; changed configs.
2015-08-25 stassaMissed a spot last commit.
2015-08-25 stassaAdded proper configs; also, printing to listener, file.
2015-08-24 stassaUnconfused branch head and body/leaf productions.
2015-08-24 stassaTrying to unsnaffu non utf-8 chars in source file.
2015-08-24 stassaContinued with disjunctions experiments; actually,...
2015-08-23 stassaGot a firts draft of v 2.0 working; weird bug with...
2015-08-13 stassaRenamed experiments directory to Experiments; duh.
2015-08-13 stassaForgot this- it's a grammar made up of compressed examples.
2015-08-13 stassaFixed couple of bugs; added test files and ran experiments.
2015-08-12 spatsantAdded some debugging to scoring rules.
2015-08-12 stassa.patsantzisMore WIP'ery: continuing with printing compressed corpus.
2015-08-12 stassa.patsantzisBig big hacky WIP. Printing compression grammar module.
2015-08-12 stassa.patsantzisAdded corpus compression & compressed corpus printing.
2015-08-12 stassa.patsantzisRefactored production_compressed_string/4.
2015-08-12 stassa.patsantzisAdded productions_compressed_strings/3 to duh.
2015-08-11 stassa.patsantzisBig pile o' WIP, but printing out first & second order...